No Panic Participant’s experiences post training course

Below are some of the examples of how our participants managed a complex situation at their work after the course:

We have EVS volunteer from Greece. She is so sensitive about cleaning so when she come to Tukey she wanted to buy chemicals for cleaning so I had to take her to shop. Also she can get sick easily even if I cant be with her always I can contact with other Turkish volunteers so they can help her instead of me (Participant from Turkey)

There is a girl (EVS) who has some troubles with the project. In the beginning I was upset but i tried to understand the person and listen, and tried to look for a solution (Participant from Spain)

Deep breating, overloading situation (not only spontaneous reaction), deciding “how do I want to approach this person? Which feeling” (attitude I used to send? Maybe include others, ask for assistance (among colleagues or participants or people nearby) (Participant, unnamed)

I had to make presentation of a programe for a big company in very short time and I new nothing about the program (because i didnt make it) and I was also not the one who will represent the presentation..but in the end everything went well (Participant from Slovenia)

The last year in my organisation we had a real volunteer, which put us in trouble with an institution. Since I was mentor I manage that and the situation didnt affect too much the other volunteers and I helped to keep the org. united (Participant from Italy)

One day I was coming to my work for some analysis. we had a mother (I work as nurse at pediatric) that was sick but she didnt tell us. She had a convulsiv crisis and she fall. In that moment I knew whole materials and medicine we need and when the doctors were asking it was there for them (Participant from Romania)

For example, I listen carefully to the suggestions and opinions of other and then I can share my suggestion to solve the complex situation and usually remain calm (Participant from Portugal)

As an EVS coordinator, I never feel comfortable taking important decisions realted to the volunteers by my own. I always like hearing the opinions of my colleagues (Participant from Germany)

Problems between flatmates volunteers, others were cleaning more and others less, causing tension. After an unexpected flat checkup by the staff we had an informal meeting and created a cleanings schedule together (Participant, Spain)

During a festival i was working in a smaller team, wich in one moment was divided and I led the situation of the team to be united again. After we worked successfully till the end (Participant from Italy)

Recently to solve a misunderstanding I said what I think about the situation, then I heard carefully all the interested parts and afterwards we all did compromises and the issue was solved (Participant from Portugal)

I started to give more time and ownerhsip to people I help to find solutions to their problems themsleves (Participant from Sweden)

A friend of mine was having doubts about finishing university or not, and i think i helped him decide what to do (Participant from Romania)

I feel more prepared to face difficult situations like talk with problematic people (Participant from Spain)

There are some stressfull situations, organizing events. I try to find new ways to talk with people, focusing in different point of views. I had to work with people that are not doing what they have to do, I tried to find a solution with them (Participant from Spain)

Currently I am on study programme in Inodnesia, so it is a huge change in cultural and social environment. I cope with this new challenge pretty easy also due to friendship support, social connections and meditations (Participant from Poland)

I manage to not panic when i had just one day do write an important application (Participant from Slovenia)

I have had a conversation, during which I payed a lot of attention to keep the balance of listening and giving back the feedback to the person I was speaking with (Participant from Poland)

I try to concentrate more on finding a solution from a situation, how can i change my attitude also (Participant from Poland)

At my work is had a mother that was very nervous, she started to fight with everyone and I calm down and speak with her , I explain all she need to know and she calm down, I give her reasons that she doesn’t have to act like this (Participant from Romania)