Dear reader,

Autumn here. Officially no more sun. Which is good, because all of the “it’s such a beautiful day outside so let’s not waste it typing” excuses sound less persuasive.

I’ve been working really hard lately. Had to prepare the questionnaires and detalied survey design for the interview part for my dissertation. Also had many sessions with various clients. But most of all, we’ve officially started the Solution Focused Brief Coaching at my faculty. So now my dear readers, it’s time to go full time!

SF coaching is designed in collaboration with the tutorship system at the faculty and the psychological counselling service. It is primarily intended for students, regardless the study cycle or department, but can be applied to other situations and offered to other groups if expressed interest.

Since I’ve had quite some number of clients so far, I’m confident about the effects. However till now I didn’t measure the outcomes other than what my clients told me. With SF coaching I’ll rigorously start to monitor progress and measure the effects so at the end of the academic year we could discuss the overall results. By that I mean the effects the coaching had on student’s situation as well as my performance over time.

This post was just a quick note to let you know about the upcoming changes and also invite you to join. I’ve created a separate page about how you can do that here.

Wish you all a pleasant autumn. Funny, at this very moment there’s sunshine outside, despite a rather bad weather forecast for today. Maybe a sign not to get too serious?

P.S. Still no news from the BIG news. So keep your fingers crossed a bit longer if you can 🙂