Dear reader,

Hope you’re well and healthy. I’m in bed since Monday more or less pretty much. Had a workshop on Tuesday for M+ union and that was the only highlight of the week that cheered me up a bit, but as soon as I got home, I ended up even weaker so really no fun these days.

Very well. There must be a reason for this. For this happening now. Happening like this. So what’s the message in this? Because obviously, this is pure crap, having medium fever all the time which means you are capable of walking, but not for a long time, you are capable of writing, but not concentrating and you are certainly not able to clean all these dishes left from tons of tea and soup. And your company’s not doing much better, cat including. So what’s the point?

Here are some clues:

– I’ll have absolutely great holidays, because by the end of the year I’ll be brand new, with lots of antibodies in my system so I’ll jump into the New Year’s Eve healthy and sparkly.

– Each minute my head isn’t aching, I remember how lucky I am that this is not my everyday condition. And I’m not a spoiled child, so why should the whole world have to know I’m in pain? I’m not the only one. And my pain is not the worst there has ever been.

– Each time I check with Facebook, I find friends who are in the same mud and that makes it somewhat fun. For all of us.

– Every night as there are hundreds of napkins on the floor, I’m reminding myself that my body is fighting. It is indeed such a wonderful self-sustaining system that needs no help and still it will cure eventually. I could use some medicine and drugs, but I don’t want to. Because I want to be in contact and take some time to listen to what my body has to say. Listen to things I obviously missed and probably shouldn’t (that excludes snaps and other natural remedies).

– Silence. I noticed how precious silence is. One day we had TV on the whole bloody day. In the end I was devastated, craving for silence, craving for peace and quiet. Made me realise how important it is to withdraw, to back up. To be in stillness. It actually feels so good. Your attention increases. Your senses improve. So does your mood. I believe some call that meditation, but I could never do that, because I couldn’t sit still for more than 10 minutes J. But maybe now this is meditation in a way.

– It shall pass. This too shall pass. As it is with the good things, it is so with bad things too. So no worries. Why worrying? This too shall pass.

– To sum up, being home and sick made me realise how little I actually need. How simple it actually is. If only I am to accept the current condition and not try to fight it. I only need time to rejuvenate sometimes. The rest is up to my body. It has such incredible power. And since my body would heal eventually, my mind could focus again. And that’s all I really need to achieve anything. So my 2015 resolution? This too shall pass. No worries.

Here, have some vitamins. Or something like it. Wish you all good health. And stay in touch!

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