Dear reader,

do you agree with todays title? Ever tried your best, gave it all and sacrificed your time, money, even health perhaps and then got nothing in return? Or even worse, got bad attitude, mocking or even harmful words or actions? Me too.

It has happened 1935720962086723 times to me that I thought I was doing something for the good of others and then others responded rude. So many times others asked for help, got the best possible treat and then didn’t even bother to say thank you. So many times they wanted to receive, receive, receive and gave less than nothing in return. Sort of energy suckers, trying to squeeze every last bit of your competency and then drop you out like used condom.

What to do with people, whom you give diamonds and they treat them like pigs would? Nothing. It’s actually your attitude you have to change. It’s your merit if you offer pigs diamonds. Don’t be surprised if they don’t know how to appreciate them.

It is understandable that you try to give yourself to the world. And I wish there were more people like that. Sadly, the nice guys are always the last. You may find some comfort in the proverb that karma’s a bitch only to those who behave like a bitch. But that doesn’t help a lot when you are really hurt, does it. So think about – what is it that hurts you? The fact that you cannot please everybody? The rudeness? Feeling of abandonment? Or is there perhaps some truth in their words? I don’t care much about US politics, but one of them once said a beautiful thing:

“Take criticism seriously, but not personally. If there is truth or merit in the criticism, try to learn from it. Otherwise, let it roll right off you.” (H. R. Clinton)

If someone criticises you for a reason, figure out what you can do about it. But if the information is delivered with lots of emotion and rage, then you need to protect yourself. You don’t deserve this. When you let other’s treat you like crap, there is something in your behaviour that allows them to do so. Observe and examine what it is. Then turn away if you can. Fighting evil people and idiots is useless, because they’ll beat you as you are an amateur in their field.

What can you do instead? Continue, keep going. When you work hard, have faith in what you do and love your work, there will be good results. Very few things can piss the evil tongues off more, than your success. But that’s not your concern. Your growth and development are. Spend your energy and time on people who are worth it. And still listen to those, who aren’t. They have a message for you too. Put it in a non-personal envelope.