Dear reader,

I once read somewhere in some research newsfeed that nearly 90% of all worries we might have, never come true. Impressing, huh?

Though this fact might make a difference to your worries, it on the other hand may not. However I’ve got a brilliant tool for you that you can try and this will definitely work. This exercise is very easy to learn and everyone can do it anywhere and anytime. And you don’t need anything to make it happen other than five minutes.

Here it goes.

1. Find a quiet and peaceful place where you can spend five minutes in stillnes and alone (as you practise it, it may be even less than 5 minutes and it is not necessary that you are in no one’s company).

2. Close your eyes. Think of all your worries that are currently bothering and killing you. What is it you are worried about? Is it a forthcoming meeting? Something you are afraid might happen? A fight you had yesterday? Worries that you don’t have enough time, money, worries about your health? About your future? Whatever it is, think about it and try to husk them out so you can see it clearly.

3. When you have an idea what worries you at the moment, think about whether any of these worries is happening right now. Right this very moment. Play with this thought a little bit. You will most probably find out something amazing:

Namely that this tiny present moment is just fine. You are ok. Most or all of your worries when you look at them right now, are not happening. You are ok.

4. In this state, try to think about whether there is anything you can do within the next moment (let’s say half an hour) to better prepare and to do something about your worry. For example if you are worrying that you will miss the deadline, what is it you can do within the next half an hour that will help just a little bit to do more of your task and get you just a little bit closer? Or if you are worrying about your health, what can you do right now not to make it worse? Think small – anything you do is better than worrying.

5. If there is nothing you can do, because it’s not up to you but rather to some external factors and consequences, then think again about the present moment. You are okay now, so there is nothing wrong with this present moment. Enjoy it. Relax.

6. When the moment is over and you are back to your routine and you notice you are worrying again, repeat the exercise. Is what you are worrying about happening right now, this very moment? Or is it in the past that is already gone? Or is it in the future that hasn’t happened yet (and may not happen)? Most likely you will find out that, the present moment is just fine. The present moment is in fact … perfect.

Practice as long and as much you want. The more you do it, the sooner you’ll get used to it. It works. Welcome to the present moment. Give yourself permission not to worry.