Dear reader,

the institution where I’ve been trained in Solution Focused Brief Therapy has a slogan of:

We do what we teach and we teach what we do.

meaning they are speaking directly from first hand experience and that makes their training so useful, intense and fun.

Last week I’ve delivered my first 2-day training. It was by invitation at a youth organization Zavod Bob, and it was simply amazing. A lovely group of young, dedicated people who connected to me in such a lovely way. It really was fine time spent together.

Receiving a request to deliver a workshop or training is a huge responsibility. No way can you come up reading from the Ppt slides. No way can you come without trying to engage and motivate people. No way can you do it without your personal charisma. At least that’s not training or a workshop, but rather a dull lecture.

I know from beginning that I will always forget to tell something important. And I know I will make some mistakes. Might tell something wrong and will then appologize in front of the whole group. And I believe that’s ok. I’m not a robot, I’m a human being who is sharing the knowledge with others and is co-constructing new one together. And this is the most magical part – raising people’s attention by sharing your experience and telling a story of your own. Till now (and I’ve delivered more than 30 trainings for sure, ever since I was an active student), I’ve never ever had a group who would refuse to cooperate. And at the same time this same group could do otherwise if not being addressed accordingly. I’ve seen examples of the same group behaving totally differently with different lecturers or teachers.

I guess I can engage people. And I’m telling you this not because I want a praise, but because I want to tell you that no matter how “human” you may be, you can always make a difference working with people if you try to find a communication and connection to them. It does take efforts, more than simply doing a lecture. But it is so much worth it. You don’t have to be perfect – most information you need when working with a group will be provided by the group. If only you are mindful to notice and pick it up.

Now some other news: after this training, I decided to offer a workshop in my hometown. I’ve invited a couple of friends and close acquaintances, since it is a bit complicated to attend if you are not from this town. And I was quite surprised, because all the available places were booked in less than three days. So I’ll have to deliver another one. About at the same time, I’ve talked to my supervisor and we made some plans for 2016. Since it is going to be a rather big project, I’ll need to find an appropriate conference centre to host it. And what a coincidence, that same evening, an old friend who haven’t spoked to me in years, sent me a message, because he found some old photos. After few emails back and forth, it turned out he might just offer exactly what I need, because he’s a project manager at some place that organizes conferences as well.

Now as last, even though it may not be important news for you, but certainly is important news for me. And since I like sharing stuff with you, I’ll share this one as well, because it is huge! This year, partly because of messed up plans, I thought I would not be able to go to this year’s annual European Brief Therapy conference. This conference is of special importance, as it is 10th anniversary from Steve de Shazer, originator of SFBT’s passing. Considering it was my fault, because I could “plan” my activities more carefully with back-up plans etc., I didn’t crave for it, though I really wanted to go from the very start. And then a miracle. My London training institution offered that they will book a place for me to attend. I would say I’m the last person who’s eligible to take it, but they’ve decided to pick me, and must have a good reason for doing so. Maybe I should start looking for that reason myself.

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